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Get Rid of Belly Fat, Flatten Your Belly

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    Ever envied the slim and trim models on the advertisements and wished your figure could be like that! Well, I have good news for you; you can now get rid of that belly fat provided you are willing to follow the advice below:

  1. First of all, you have to have strong determination and along with you will definitely need patience. I have to warn you that this will take some planned determined effort and is not going to happen overnight or even in a week. This is not to discourage you but to ensure that you do not get frustrated and quit just before the best is about to come. Remember, "Patience is bitter but it's fruit is sweet".

  2. Check out our exercise page for excellent, effective exercises that you can do while watching TV and that will be effective not only in reducing the belly fat but also in reducing the waistline, toning thighs and hips, reducing wrinkles and bringing out the best in you.

  3. We strongly advise you to adopt our exercise routine. For any

    reason, if you are not ready to do that yet, follow all the advice on this page.

  4. You are going to get rid of belly fat by eating right and doing the right exercises regularly.

  5. Off that couch please! Well now, don't be mad when I tell you that instead of sinking into the couch and watching TV, I suggest you use your TV time to do exercises. Use at least the advertisement time for some exercise.

  6. Next time, when you watch your favorite program, try to do skip rope while watching your program or at least during the ads.

  7. Have you ever tried hoola hoop? Do you know hoola hoop is excellent exercise for your middle circle, I mean, the belly and the waistline. The good news is that if you do not know how to do it, it is even better. Because, it is more exercise while you are attempting and trying to get the hoola hoop moving in circles around your waist. People who have mastered the technique have to do it much longer to get some good exercise or spend energy because people who have mastered it do it so effortlessly.

  8. Be mobile. Be on the move throughout the day. Do not sit in front of the computer or in your office chair for hours at a stretch. Get up every now and then, stretch yourself, take a little walk in the hallway before resuming the sitting position.

  9. You know how we sometimes suck in that tummy, for example, while walking in our swim suit to get into that pool fast! Now, I am going to tell you to deliberately, keep
    the tummy sucked in as much as you can throughout the day whenever you can. I understand that it is not possible to do it all the time but try to keep the belly sucked in as much as you can. This automatically exercises the muscles and you are working on flattening the belly by simply doing this. In a few days of practicing this simple trick, you will be surprised how well it works.

  10. Simple changes in eating habits can go a long way. Evaluate your eating pattern, it may be due for revision. Follow these important food tips.

  11. Make a conscious choice of low fat foods. Go for no fat or low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese instead of full fat. Use these Negative Calorie Foods for stunning results.

  12. Did you know that emotions and mental status also play an important role in increasing the diameter of the middle circle? Adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude in life, remain cheerful and stress free. Stress contributes to weight gain.

  13. Our page on exercise has results producing exercises for almost all parts of the body. Use it to achieve your goals.

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